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UrQ in 'Revs' magazine, April issue

Hi all,

While browsing through the automotive section at my local newsagent's
yesterday, I came across a copy of the UK magazine 'Revs', which is sort of
a Max Power ripoff- aimed at young and stupid guys driving old cars with a
gazillion mods and 8000W worth of ICE.
Anyway, the April issue featured an UrQ- which is somewhat unusual when the
normal fare is Vauxhall Novas (Corsas), Golf GTIs etc. The car featured
some very nice wheels (TSW?), great-looking dark-blue paint and a Treser
front spoiler, DTM style (useless) door mirrors etc.

Most mods looked like they were easily reversible, and the article
mentioned that the car was for sale. No, I didn't buy thee magazine (the
rest of it was cr*p) but if you're in the UK and interested in an UrQ, you
might want to take a look.


PS Stopped by the used-car place at the end of the street where I work
yesterday- they had a great-looking '86 Coupe GT in dark grey metallic for
equiv. $3800. Nice. The guy had just sold a non-turbo Coupe Quattro ('87)
that same morning for $4000. Hmmmm...

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 215,000km

     Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others.
                                  -- Groucho Marx, 1890-1977