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Re: Battery

At 04:19 PM 3/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Ok, now, let's reel this in.... I just put that battery in my '92 100 last
>and left the vent hose under the seat. What's the difference? I the vent
hose is
>for the battery, not the car, correct? 

The vent hose is for both the battery and the car.  Mostly the car.  The
hose leads any acidic fumes and/or droplets *outside* the car where it will
do no damage to the car.  There is s'posed to be a pathway for that vent
hose to exit the car.  Look closely for it.

The fumes can be carried by a stream of hydrogen gas produced during the
charging cycle.  The explosion threat of the hydrogen in the car is grossly
overexaggerated, IMO, but the acidic fumes are not.  Didja ever examine the
old rusty battery tray of an older 'Murican car?

Please don't tell me I just screwed up
>with the battery.... I like those 810 cranking amps.

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