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Parts Discount [3], a.k.a. Gone Fishing, and Audi Boutique

Okay, first of all I'd like to apologize for the delays people are
experiencing with their parts requests. As one lister guessed, the system
is new and we are trying to work through some bugs. Since I have the most
familiarity, I have been given the task of setting up the new computer to
work with our server. Finding the time to do this (away from the sales
floor) can be a challenge. The initial responses were actually faxed from
the corporate offices. The system is running much more smoothly now. 

We do have a slight backlog of about 25 part inquiries that need to be
filled so please be patient with your requests. If you need the response
faster, I recommend calling the dealership and speaking with Bill Banks
personally. He has offered to just take a name and phone number then return
the call immediately to save people the long distance phone charges. The
number is (518) 374-9161, M-F, 8am-5pm EST.

The first ten requests that came from the web page, I responded to
personally (though I signed Bill's name). That includes Geo's and Frank
Bauer's. I chuckled somewhat when I saw what I had typed only hours earlier
show up in my e-mail. Bill is new to the e-mail game, so please allow a bit
of leeway when he responds personally. His responses tend to be much
shorter and to the point. I've gone over the basics in sending e-mail with
him, so he is now responding personally. There may be another hiccup
sometime next week when I change web-browsers again, but I think you will
find as time goes on your inquiries will be responded to much quicker. 

I want to encourage any of you who have used the service to order parts to
drop suggestions to me or Bill via E-mail. Since this is a new way of doing
business for Langan, we are really looking for feedback. 

Finally, I came across a very interesting catalog a few days ago. It's the
"Audi Boutique" catalog. In it are all sorts of Audi apparel and
accesories, including 4 or 5 different types of keyrings, cups, pens,
watches, hats, shirts, coats, etc. Since we had many key-chains go out to
the Q-list, I suggested to Bill that we have the catalog scanned and then
linked off the parts department page. They have some very cool stuff. Any
comments or ideas on this? 

Please feel free to drop me a line with feedback or to drop a line to Bill.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K

 I asked Bill what my reward was for setting up the computer system,
teaching him the system, and then dropping the word to the list. He's
giving me an Audi hat.

 I work for peanuts.  (I'm in car sales, not parts).