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Re: coupe Q

My luck seems to be running quite low.  Thanks to all for helping me with my
questions about the '90 & '91 CQ.

Today I drove to Minneapolis (3 1/2 hrs to) to check out another Coupe Quattro.
 The owner told me it had 100,000 miles on it and other than a few rock chips
it was a perfect TEN.

You'd think he'd tell me the truth if I was planning to make the committment to
come up there.

Anyway, another car passed by.  This one had rust on the rear fenders (where
the top and bottom sheet metal meets.  Looks like a place where salt and mud
can easily get caught.)  It had a huge crack in the windshield, large dents in
the rocker panels.  After driving the car two blocks, I turned back, dropped it
off and left.  I couldn't get the car into 2 gear without forcing it, the car
also had some shaky suspension bits, felt like worn ball joints.

If you've read this far (and often people don't), the car had sport seats
(which the other one I looked at didn't) comfy!!!

The engine compartment was layed out different. (still had the 'ol i5).  Seemed
like it was more open than the other cars.  The air filter box was located in a
different spot too, near the passenger side fender, instead of near the
passenger side windshield...(unless I'm seeing things...)

Was there a mid-year tranaition for these beasties?


No perfect TENs here...

'89 Porsche 944 turbo,  pieces, shmieces
'83 High Sierra Suburban, queen of the double wide...