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Re: Rotor Heaven, the addiction behind the question.

> Does anyone else buy things that you dont need and probably will never use?

I still have a new heater core for my 83 5kt.  Which I sold 4 years
ago.  Tried to unload it on the list.  No one needs it yet I guess...
I'll save it.

The brake pads thing is eerie.  I guess it all starts with saving
working, old parts that get replaced "just in case of emergencies", like
spark plugs.  When you change your brake pads, why not just throw all
four in the box the new ones came out of?  Even if one or two are
*completely* useless?  Why not, indeed?  Don't some fancy race pads only
come attached to a set of "cores" that you send in first?

But why do I still have a cracked vacuum hose for the 5kt???

Huw Powell


'82 Audi Coupe "OO oooo OO"