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Climate control w/ a mind of its own?

Here is kind of a puzzling one. The climate control on my '93 S4 would come
on every time I started the car (for the first 450 miles of ownership). It
would come on to 71 degrees F, the AC would come on for several moments then
it, the AC, would shut off. This was the start-up cycle that it went through
regardless of what the setting was when the car was shut off (mostly climate
control was off at that point). So I get the car serviced last week and, lo
and behold, the climate control does not change settings anymore, i.e. if
its off at shutdown its off upon the next startup and so on. So, what gives?
I don't believe the service tech did anything with the climate control
system. Is the car just being amenable because I just fed it some treats
(plugs & filters, etc.)?

                                                    Frank "at the mercy of
the Audi gods" Amoroso