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RE: Another reason Audi doesn't go

> > every input & output on the engine. The lab scopes showed a slight
> > ripple in the output from the Mass Air Flow Meter and reduction of
> pulse
> > width on the fuel injectors.
> > 
> > In previous experiments with other S4 enhancement systems they had
> > installed a K&N cone air filter.  They didn't think the ripple was
> > enough to worry about but one tech said "hook back up the stock air
> > box."  Going back to the stock air box that had the plastic air
> > straightening passages corrected the problem!
> In my testing of HVAC ducting, I have found that I can flow more air 
> through a duct if I reduce the turbulence.   Its also quieter.  I even
> went so far as to place a piece of aluminum honeycomb in the inlet to
> the 
> main blower of the new Seville HVAC system.  It worked, so we built a 
> plastic version of it.  You can check it out at your local dealer.
... well that same trick would work in an intake tract as well ... and
wouldn't nearly be as restrictive as a stock air filter.  I'm not
familiar with the layout of the Motronic system intake tract ... but if
you could put that honeycomb right in front of the hot wire ... or
perhaps at the K&N it might just do the trick.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)