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CIS mods

Good post mr Mockry.  I think if one tries to fool electronics, the best case
is, you may get what you are looking for at the expense of some protection.
When you fool a computer into thinking something else, what happens to
reality?  That would be my question.

If I were to look at fuel delivery, I might look at the mechanical delivery
instead of the electronic.  Certainly a higher WOT fixed duty cycle would be a
good "chip" mod, but sensors IMO, aren't.

So, after WOT DC....  We have system pressure, control pressure and available
fuel AT the injector.  I would go into that in detail, and let the
"electronics" do their thing.  Get Probst book folks, many answers start with
the understanding of what CIS/E/III is.

I also would advocate that one demonstrates "need" before you work at this
project too hard.  But given the price of currently available EFI systems, I
sure would want to know ALL I could about CIS before making the jump.  

My .02

Scott Justusson