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Re: Rotor Heaven, the addiction behind the question.

So what you are saying is that I am not the only one that has car parts in
his basement for vehicles that I have never owned? Yet I've felt the need to
acquire them should I obtain said vehicle somewhere in the future?

For instance while I've never owned an '89 911 turbo cabrio (black on black
on black, please) with Ruf wheels, I for some reason, have a Momo Ghibili
III steering wheel, Momo hub adapter (2 actually, one new & one used, why?),
various body panels, etc., just waiting to go on the car.

Accordingly when I do re-acquire a 914-6, I have various & sundry exterior &
interior parts, gauges, oil lines, side-shifter tranny linkage, etc. A never
used Momo Porsche Design steering wheel (circa 1985), Momo hub adapter (only
one though), and a Momo shift knob, once again, just waiting to be bolted up
to the car.

Meanwhile I need two interior lightbulbs, lower engine cover and 17" wheels
and tires for the S4. Do you think I have these parts anywhere in the
basement? NO.

Does this strike anyone as somewhat odd behavior?

'93 S4
('89 911 turbo cab, well not yet)
('70 914-6, not anymore)
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>Errr... yes. My tiny basement is filled with all kinds of worn, part-worn
>or semi-useable car parts, mostly Opel Kadett, VW Golf and Jetta and Audi.
>Last year, when I couldn't find my racing bike in there, I promised to
>throw some of this junk out. So- out went a couple of bent bumpers and some
>crumpled, rusty panelwork, three dead batteries, MG B leaf springs and
>brake discs, a complete Jetta interior, a couple of old Jetta headlights...