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Re: Re:Rotor Heaven, the addiction behind the question

Garages are a little like women's purses, except they are bigger and usually
too large to carry around with you, unless you really have a lot of money.

I've still got bits and pieces from every Volkswagen/Audi I've owned - old
spark plug coils, spare dipsticks, old calipers, hood release levers, even the
round, white painted VW emblem from the grille of my old Scirocco.    

And every good home mechanic I've ever known has at least one old rotor lying
around somewhere, and the longer-departed or deteriorated the car it fits on,
the more likely it is to still be there.  Somehow having a spare rotor or two
for that old junker in the garage signifies that you still intend to take care
of the car someday -- you can point to them over in the corner and say to
onlookers "See, I've still got those rotors over there...", thereby signalling
the potential that you will actually some day hose the dust off the old beast
and bring it back to life.

This thread is taking on a lot of relevance for me because I'm going back east
soon to get the '68 Corvette (327 4-Speed red/red/white convertible with both
tops, if anybody's interested) out of the garage, start it up and fix a few
things because I'm selling it.  Spring's coming and it's time to let it go.  I
know the front rotors need to be replaced - and now the question is going to
be -- will I biff the old ones?  I'm a little maudlin about it - its kind of
like buying a new dress for your ex-girlfriend for her first date with someone

Best Wishes,