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Re: dash trade:

In a message dated 98-03-15 00:41:07 EST, you write:

>Really?  How much work is involved there?  To everyone else, is this a wise
>move or too much trouble?  Call me old fashioned but I like to see a needle.
>I would like anyone's opinion. 

The digi dash itself is an easy R&R, it's the harness that supports it that
takes time. It's the whole dash harness as I recall it. From one or two fuse
box connections to cluster to fan. You'd need to pull the speed sensor off the
trans and install a speedo cable in it's place; also replace the dimmer switch
with the analog version. Plus one or two items I've forgotten. It's a "bolt-
in" swap, ie no cutting or splicing required, but it is time consuming. A
great chance to get intimate with your dash! Plus, if it ever breaks down, you
don't need to buy the whole shebang.

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q
  '83 TQC
     '83 TQC
        '88 E150 Club
           '98 Classic 21' trailer
              '81 Vw Cabriolet