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Hot starting saga continued

Regarding my earlier problems of hot starting my WR engined UR-q

I removed the cold start power supply, and I can't comprehensively 
say that I tested the hot starting ability, but it did start easily 
when the engine was warm.  However warm starting was not a problem; 
it was always attributed to starting with a high under bonnet temp 
following a 'good thrash'.

Sunday AM - Would not start at all.  Replaced cold start and fired on 
twist of key.

Noticed that the injector fan was not running, when the engine was 
hot.  Put a switch under the bonnet as a temporary measure to test 
hot starting.  

Thrashed the living daylights off it, with the inj fan running, 
parked up, left for ten minutes and returned.  Fired first time.

I know that is not a conclusive test - but its a good bet that it 
wouldn't have started without the fan cooling the injectors.

Next saturday will be a good test, after a blast around a sprint 
track, courtesy of Club Audi (UK)......sorry Phil - will still be 
joining you.

Does anyone know how the injector fan should be invoked ?
I take it that the probe by the injectors is a temperature sender, 
how can I test whether this is broken ?


Skint, but strangely happy....
84 UR Quattro
errr thats it !