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Re: {'87 5KCSTQ] Strut/shock Selection

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul  Luevano say:

> Looking for some advice from the wealth available from this list.  
> I just purchased a set of H&R springs for my '87 5KCSTQ, and now I need
> to get some new struts/shocks to go with them, and am looking for some
> advice, since I'm pretty ignorant in this field.
> I'm sort of leaning away from Koni's, based largely on the recent
> threads concering their warrentee on this list.
> Boge.  ProGas vs. Turbo gas.  I understand that only one of these model
> is available for the 5k, is that correct?  Is this a decent choice for
> my car?
> Anything else?  I'm not looking to spend a fourtune ont he car.  It is
> strickly a street car, so I'm not looking for track worthiness,just
> trying to improve the handling/feel/ride a bit from the current sagging
> suspention.

The Boges are not generally available for the non-turbo 5000/100.
I know, I have one :-(   They should both be available for the 5000T.
The ProGas are a little more "refined" but both are excellent shocks
for the money. I've used the TG on my Golf, and Angela just got a set
on her 90Q20V.

Bilsteins are *the* shock, but they are $$$, and fairly harsh for a
daily driver, especially with lowered springs.


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