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RE; exhaust going?

     I just repaired this on my '87 5kSQ and have seen it happen on two 
     other 5k's.  The leak is probably from the compression joint between 
     the catalytic converter and the pipe going back.  The three bolts 
     holding this joint together rust away to nothing.  The fix is to 
     remove whats left of the old bolts by cutting or burn out with a 
     torch, replace the $4 gasket that is in between the flanges, and fit 
     new stainless steel bolts, nuts, and lock washers.  <$10 in parts and 
     about 1/2 hour labor.  Much easier if done on a lift and its one the 
     few Audi repairs that any gas station mechanic could do with minimal 
     supervision.  Just make they don't bang on the whole assembly too much 
     while getting the old bolts out or it could damage the manifold.  If 
     your ambitious there is a similar joint at the front of the catalytic 
     converter to the downpipe that could use new hardware too but this 
     seems to last much longer than the rear joint.
     Good luck,
     Patrick Kelly
     '87 5kSQ
     Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 18:00:16 -0500
     From: "Titus, Brian (NJAOST)" <BTitus@njaost.ml.com>
     Subject: exhaust going?
     I've recently detected a much 'sportier' sound coming from my 885ksq 
     sounds like the beginnings of an exhaust leak, but I haven't been able 
     find it yet. Seems to go away after warm up. Just wondering if there 
     is a
     well-known exhaust manifold failure mode on the NA 5Ks, or anything 
     else I
     should be looking for...
     Brian Titus
     885ksq (w/brand new AGLA shift boot!)