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Re: Unintended acceleration (REALLY!)

I experienced something like this on my 4kq after "adjusting" the full
throttle switch.  It went something like this:

   1) Accelerate at WOT in 4th gear through the back straight.

   2) as you approach the esses, brake hard and shift into third.

   3) release the brakes and turn in

   4) almost sh*t on your pants when instead of turning the car is
      accelerating at WOT by itself !@#@$#!@.

Turns out that the 2nd throttle butterfly was sticking open against the
little lever of the full-throttle switch.  After a small readjustment,
all was back to normal again.  And yes, I did check the throttle
operation when I did the first adjustment and nothing was binding.  Just
a word of caution for those thinking about fiddling with this switch.

Luis Marques
'87 4kq