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audi and truck

one of the most memorable moments from my cross canada trip just returned to
my mind. travelling north of lake superior at about 3:30 am, doing 130 kph
on an empty road with the moon bright enough to cast shadows (brighter than
audi dims) i noticed lights rapidly gaining on me from behind. it was a
truck. this guy parked on my bumper, doing his best imitation of a bumper
sticker. there was no shoulder to pull over and a double solid no passing
zone because of the twisties and lack of visibility. i downshifted to 4th
and scooted away with no problem. 5 mins later the guy is back again right
on my bumper....i see a sign ahead indicating a turn of about 270 deg around
an inlet. it's rated at 80 kph and nicely banked, so i figure its a good
place to lose the jerk. i downshifted and accelerated once again. i was
taking the turn as fast as my but feeling would allow when ........he caught
up to me!!! i could see that this guy wanted to go somewhere real bad and
dying to get there wasn't a problem. i put my outside wheels onto the
marginal shoulder and lifted off the gas and the guy was gone past in a
blink. it was a logging truck and empty trailer! and yet it was being driven
like a sports car. best of all he pulled off the road about a quarter mile
past the turn. go figure.

86 5kcdtq