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Re: exhaust going?

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998 18:00:16 -0500, Brian Titus wrote:
>I've recently detected a much 'sportier' sound coming from my 885ksq --
>sounds like the beginnings of an exhaust leak, but I haven't been able to
>find it yet. Seems to go away after warm up. Just wondering if there is a
>well-known exhaust manifold failure mode on the NA 5Ks, or anything else I
>should be looking for...

Noisy when cold, quiet when hot; sounds like EM leak to me. The
possibilities are loose EM nuts, broken EM stud(s) and cracked EM.
All of these are to be expected sooner or later on the MC engine -
sooner if you flog it with some regularity.

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq