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Re: Cops, Valentine One (no Quattro content)

I just spoke to somebody about this not half and hour ago. They called the
precinct or station where the officer (or trooper) was at, asked if he was
on duty at the time, they (or he) said no, probably not, whatever. He
recorded it, took it to court. Case dismissed

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On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Jeremiah Kristal wrote:

> On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
> > You do _not_ sign your gifts from revenue enhancement officers in New York
> > State.
> Are you sure?  I thought I had to sign the one I received the first week I
> had my A4Q, while the V1 was still being shipped.  It's certainly saved me
> more than the cost of the detector a couple time over so far.
>  > 
> > Anyway while on this dreary subject, I am presently trying to decide how to
> > handle a recent ticket for speeding on the NYS Thuway. I noticed (as I
> > drove off) that _my_ copy of the ticket failed to specify the speed--either
> > what I was alleged to be doing or the posted limit. That section of _my_
> > carbon copy was completely, absolutely blank. I am pleading not guilty, of
> > course, but wonder whether I can get the ticket dismissed or reduced, based
> > on the incomplete info on my copy. I've now seen the State's copy of the
> > ticket, which was mailed to me by the Court, and it conveniently has the
> > speed info (78 in 65) boldly written--clearly done by the Trooper as an
> > afterthought.
> Did you get to keep your copy of the ticket?  When I pled not-guilty, I
> had to turn over my copy to the judge.  I can see this becoming a rather
> sticky issue when I try to get the ticket thown out because the time is
> incorrect.  Anyone sucessfully fought a ticket because the time is off by
> 5 hours?  The ticket was marked Zulu time (GMT for those without the
> benefit of military service), it should have been marked Echo time.  
> Also, anyone have any experience trying to get a ticket reduced?  I'm not
> very happy that the ticket was written for 22 over, especially since I was
> doing no more than 10 over.  Grrrr.
> Jeremiah
> a bit agitated with the State of New York 
> 98 A4Q