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Re: Pad-wear warning light?

Yes, you can jump the wires. I used the plugs off old pads, soldered the
wires together, plugged in. Light goes out.

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On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Mr. Daniel P. Grady wrote:

> About a month ago I had to replace the front pads on my 87 5Kq and was not able to locate a set with the pad sensors in time. So, the pads I used fit perfectly but my dash light is on warning me that my pads are worn. Does anyone know if I can jump the socket where the pads are supposed to plug in, I have the old pads with the wires if those would be usefull.  I really don't like the ugly yellow triangle on my dash, it clashes with the pretty red lights.
> Thank you for any suggestions.
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