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RE: Bumpers - Making the Plastic Black Again Info

A few years back my 5kcst was rear ended and the bumper was slightly
scuffed.  The insurance company directed the body shop to repaint the
black plastic with a refinish product used by body repair shops.  The
black plastic looked beautiful when I picked up the car and it continued
to look good for about a year.  Then the paint started flaking off.
What a mess,  Every time I wash the car a few more flakes come off and
it looks terrible.  I'm thinking I'll have to find some way to
completely strip the paint off, then repaint and repeat every year or
so.  The bitch is the stripping.  Hope your stuff works better than what
was put on mine.


>Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 09:29 -0500 (EST)
>From: Mark Pollan <Mark.POLLAN@mci.com>
>Subject: Bumpers - Making ther Plastic Black Again Info

>Hi All:

>I used a Marhyde(sp?) product this weekend that has yielded some
>results at least for the short term.  I forgot the exact name but it
>is for bumper covers and other automobile plastics.  Says it is a
>paint.  I used an entire can for the rear bumper and am _thrilled_ with
>the results.  Didn't have another can or two to do the front bumper.
>The contrast between before and after is remarkable!  I plan on doing
>all the black plastic with this product.

>I removed the bumper and thoroughly cleaned it first with simple green
>and then again with lacquer thinner(toluene). This stuff (both toluene
>and the Marhyde) is very stinky. It probably is more propellant and
>thinner than actual paint so spray in a _well_ ventilated place. Also,
>it runs _very_ easily. I probably sprayed 10 coats. My first was a bit
>heavy and ran a tad prticularly where I got too close spray can.

>No long-term report, no affiliations,...just looks great at least after
>one day.

>Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 249K Miles