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Contemplating '95 A6Q

I'm in the throes of buying a '95 A6Q (as soon as I decide
which one to get), and have a couple of general questions
for the listmembers who own these beasts.

I'm looking at a wagon (black w/ecru leather) and a sedan
(silver w/charcoal cloth). Both seem to have the dreaded
servotronic steering (almost zero resistance compared to
my '89 100Q). Is this still disablable by pulling the relay?

To those who own automatics, how do you like them? I'm
looking at the sedan becuase I really want a stick. But,
the sedan has more miles, and we kinda need a wagon, so
I'm wondering whether the slushbox will grow on me, or
will I never really like it?

Also, how's the REAL handling of the wagon compared to
the sedan? I didn't get a whole lot of test driving done.

Both cars seem to come with 195/65/16 tires. Anyone
replaced these with, say 205/60/16?

Any other comments on these cars? Anything I should know?


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