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I5 fuel filters

Looking for a fuel filter for almost all I5 cars that you can get almost
anywhere?  Try a Fram G3746, available at almost any parts store (unlike
the Bosch).

Costs about $20.  Replacement for Bosch 0-450-905-091.  And in a nice
touch, it also includes the copper washers (which I've never gotten with
the Bosch filters).

OK, so it's not made in Germany (try Israel).  But then neither is the
Bosch (try Spain).  Quality?  Indistinguishable from the Bosch on the
outside; inside, who knows?  Can't be that bad; Fram is generally a
reputable brand (for American cars, anyway).  Worked for me; I've been
going thru fuel filters like candy (long story)............SLM

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