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Re:5k steering & brake systems

When converting the 84 & up steering & brake systems use the complete
from the 80-83 5k'S

1-Steering rack &all system hoses
2-Power steering pump & bracket that bolts to the top of the water pump
3-Vacuum boost unit & hose with check valve
4-fluid reservoir
5-any other misc. parts from 80-83 5k steering

The system is a bolt to bolt conversion into the 84-88 body style, and
will probably
work in the later ones as well, but the latest one I've converted was an
88 5k.
I wouldn't convert a newer model, but in the older ones ( 84-87 ) where
the cost
of repairing the hydraulic can equal the worth of the car, it's a good
This will work on NA and turbo cars as well as anti-lock brakes. The only
thing that is not exchanged is the master cylinder. Simply take off the
two nuts holding it to 
boost unit and move it forward to obtain working room. Remove the entire
from the car including the hydraulic boost unit, and replace it with the
older system.
BTW keep the bolts that hold the master cylinder to the vacuum boost unit
on the 
older system (master cylinder is held on by nuts on the 84-88 cars &
bolts on the
80-83 cars ) Use the loosest fitting when connecting the boost unit rod
to the 
brake arm so the brakes will operate properly. The brakes will of course
have a
different feel and the power steering is more responsive when the car is
moving slowly, but has about the same feel as the original at higher
I know it can seem like a complicated job, but once you have the old
system removed
you can see how the replacement will go in. Install the rack & the rest
of the steering
components first and then the brake booster, reservoir and vacuum hose
If I have forgotten any thing get back with me here.

Charlie Lamphier


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