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Re: Spotting Audis on TV

OK OK OK sorry for digging this threat up again... but is it is coupe or a
coupe quattro  :)

At 15:46 3/16/98 -0800, frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:
>>Yeah, I've seen that Coupe!
>gee, we haven't revisited the audi-in-movies-and-tv thread for a couple
>of months now!
>>> One of my favorite shows from the 80s is "Kid in the Hall".  For those of
>>> you who don't know it is a Canadian comedy produced by the same guy who
>>> originally producted "Saturday Night Live" way back when.
>the real KITH was happening before lorne michaels got involved, who btw
>is still producing SNL and recently fired norm mcdonald as weekend
>update anchor, the only thing that was consistently worth watching.
>to: IN:gsi05580@gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu
>cc: IN:quattro@coimbra.ans.net

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