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RE: Christian's getting married (Christian responds)

OK, OK, keep it coming guys, i deserve it.

Ever since i got engaged, my luck went the way of the Titanic and Lusitainia,

Case in point:  Not hours after i ask Breeze to marry me, lightning strikes my
house destroying my PC.  Since my bank account was quite light after buying
her a ring, I had to spend what was left in savings on a new computer.  If
that weren't enough, my company is in serious financial difficulty (aren't all
healthcare companies), and laid off  half the office today, me included.  Oh
well, i got a great severance package, and shouldn't have any trouble finding
work ( i hope).

This info is not meant to gain sympathy, just to show you how the gods lash
out when you displease them with such talk of marriage.

Good news: my A4 has a warranty....if it was out of warranty, i'm sure it
would blow the turbo tomarrow to seal my fate!!!  They are vengeful gods!

Keep them coming guys, i can take it!!!

       /\        _I    Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - soon to be wife!)
     /    \ I_I I_I I  Orlando, Florida, USA
                       University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'98 Audi A4 1.8T      looking tough with 225/50-16
'96 BMW 318ti          no mods yet....
'90 Audi 90              Still in the family
Past Audis: '84 CGT, '85CGT, '87.5 CGT, '90 CQ