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Re: Brake lines, calipers, fluids

Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> Is it possible for brake lines, calipers, and master cylinders on Audis to
> last the life of the car? How dependent is it on fluid? I flush my system
> about twice a year.

As with any car, yes it is possible for these items to last the life of the
car.  However auto enthusiasts have a sickness involving the ability to find
faults with items that work just fine, so some people will say that none of
this stuff will ever last the life of the car.  It all really depends on your
maintenance schedule and how you drive the car.

It sounds like you have a good habbit of flushing your brake fluid.  Although
twice a year may be excessive.  I feel once a year is probably good enough for
a street driven car.  A track car may have its brake fluid flushed several
times a year (depending on if the driver boils their brake fluid).

The reason to change your brake fluid is because it is hydroscopic (attracts
moisture).  Over time water may be introduced into your brake system, which can
cause corrosion in the system itself.  The introduction of water also lowers
the boiling point at which the fluid boils.  When this occurs (usually under
heavy braking) the pedal gets really mushy...