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audi and truck

In message <E0yEchw-0003CP-00@dewey.mindlink.net> cyclops@mindlink.bc.ca (cyclops) writes:

> one of the most memorable moments from my cross canada trip just returned to
> my mind.

> ... it was a logging truck and empty trailer! and yet it was being driven
> like a sports car. best of all he pulled off the road about a quarter mile
> past the turn. go figure.

I've also had one of these.  I was a passenger with a ferocious (female) driver 
on a trip from Sheffield to Manchester via the Woodhead Pass.  The car was a 
Lotus Cortina.
Just as the pass got steep and twisty, a garbage truck (obviously new and 
unused) pulled out in front of us.  We just about managed to keep it in view.

Known, ever since, as the "ton-up dustcart".  100mph in a garbage truck?

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club