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'82 VW Quantum wagon story, long but funny

>  We laugh as we get out, mud falling from the doorseals,  clumps of mud on
>the hood, roof, and mirror.
this reminds me - AFTER driving it in a rainstorm, i still managed to
wash several pounds of dirt off my tqw following the rallycross.
(i kept it on the car as long as possible as a badge of honor...)

>  At 65, (I got a run for it...)  you fly and
>land with sparks like the Fourth of July.  And rip your oil pan off, and bre
>the bolts off of your front strut mounts, blow out both of your ball-joints,
>almost give yourself a concussion, break off two lugnut studs and really tic
>your parents off.
>  Hey, what could they say?  I bought it and paid the insurance on it.
>Hope you enjoyed!


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