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RE: Quattro Fellowship

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Date:	Mon, 16 Mar 1998 18:59:44 -0800
From:	Paul Kuettel <kuettels@iname.com>
Subject:	Quattro Fellowship

. . .  I learned of yet another fellow afflicted with the same XR4ti/Quattro
bipolar disorder from which I suffer.  I think that makes about 4 of us
cross-breeds.  Anyone else so infected wanna *come out?*
I *met* a fellow *5KCSTQ* (We snobs say *5KTQ* since they are ALL *CS* who lives in St. Paul like me!
What about the 5000 CD TQ. . . they are rare but around.
About as rare as the 5000 CS in Canada with the 5000 CD cars.

"The Shadow Knows"