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Re: Contemplating 1995 A6Q

>To those who own automatics, how do you like them? I'm
>looking at the sedan becuase I really want a stick. But,
>the sedan has more miles, and we kinda need a wagon, so
>I'm wondering whether the slushbox will grow on me, or
>will I never really like it?
We brought our wagon to Germany with us because we needed the space of
the wagon and my wife wanted the automatic.  And of course, automatics
aren't very common here.  I'm always wishing for those extra horses
that are sucked up by the auto.  On the autobahn or in town, it's OK,
but you need the stick if you want to really enjoy the twisties.

>Also, how's the REAL handling of the wagon compared to
>the sedan? I didn't get a whole lot of test driving done.
As good as can be expected from any 4000 lb vehicle.  Most of my
driving is now in small towns or on back roads.  I can usually manage
a respectable pace.  The car is better suited for long trips on the
autobahn and is very comfortable and secure at 100-110mph.  Most of
the autobahn in our area is now speed limited, so I haven't done any
max speed runs.  My 92 100 S felt noticeably "lighter" than the wagon,
though there is about a 500lb weight difference between a FWD sedan
and a Q-Wagon. 

>Both cars seem to come with 195/65/16 tires. Anyone
>replaced these with, say 205/60/16?
I put 215-60/15 BFG Comp T/A VR-4's on my wagon and the difference was

Wörsbach, Germany
92 100 CSQW
92 100 S (Just sold)

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