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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison...

I periodically drive my friend's q45. By comparison, I'd rather drive my
car. He's much the same. Would rather drive my car. My car is much
tighter; the steering, brakes, handling, etc. The only thing that the Q
has is the motor and more impressive gizmos. Other than that, garbage. I
drove it one after another with my dad's 275 horse DeVille Concours a
couple years back (he usually gets STS's) and the DeVille *easily* took
the same turns at 2 1/2 times the speed of the Infiniti. Very little body
roll by comparison, no sqealing tires. The Infiniti couldn't do that. To
avoid a tire flare, they did change the I's tires to performance Potenza'z
(forgot the model) and no difference. Not the only Q I drove, either. I
took his q down a straight hilly road in my area that's good for
speeding.My opinion...absolutely dangerous. For Mike Murphy it's Avery
road in CSH/Woodbury. My turbo? Excellent. No bouncing or slamming of the
suspension's jounce bumpers on up and down movt like the q. The q felt
like a school bus. The body accelerates up, goes to the limit. Body comes
back down, practically bottoms out. I use this road to test how good a car
is. So far, all Euro cars have passed. All Japanese cars have failed.

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On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> Yesterday, I had the "privilege" of driving a 1994 Infiniti Q45 ... it had
> just 110 fewer miles than my 1989 200q (122,175) and has been
> dealer-maintained on a cost-no-object basis.  It was also fitted with 17"
> wheels and Dunlop SP-8000s but was otherwise stock.
> My conclusion?  The motor's pretty nice -- I'd forgotten how much fun V8s
> can be! -- but otherwise, I wasn't very favorably impressed.  The car wasn't
> nearly as tight or responsive than my 200q and all the inputs felt "numb" by
> comparison.  If this is what the driving public wants, then it's no wonder
> why Audi went through a period of hard times during the late '80s/early '90s...
> And when you realize I could probably buy at least two and perhaps even
> THREE more 200qs for what this car's worth on the used-car market these
> days, the comparison between them becomes all the more laughable.  (Their
> other two cars are a Mercedes 500SEL and 600SEL ... no wonder this one
> quickly became "the kid's car"!)
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