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Re: XENON, K&N, and shocks

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Ckpcnp wrote:

> Blaufergnugen offer's Xenon high candlepower bulbs.
> I know that new European cars offer High intensity Xenon headlighting systems.
> Are these similar?  Do these light up purpilish-white?  

No, Xenon bulbs are just that, bulbs.  They're the same as halogens, just
a different gas.  Those purple/white fluorescent looking lights on late
model European  cars are gas discharge lights.  They do not use bulbs, and
cost $2-3k for an aftermarket install.

> I have an 86 4kcsq.   Is a K&N filter really worth it for my 2.2l I-5?

The general concensus on this and other lists seems to be that K&N cone
filters are not so great since the suck in hot engine compartement air,
rather than cool outside air that most airboxes get.  The best mods in
that area seem to involve straightening/smoothing the air flow, at least
on a N/A engine...

'90 CQ (looking for dark '91 w/low mile)
'87 RX7 Tii (for sale)