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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison

A friend of mine drive a '95 Q45a, the active suspension model.  Compared
with the base Q45, there is quite a bit of difference.  It still doesn't
drive like a 200q..  It is just not as FUN..  There is something to be said
for the torque of a 4.5 V8 cranking out oodles of horsepower, but it has the
styling of a Maxima.

The Japanese build a great _sedate_ automobile..  You just don't go around
throwing your Q45 into the esses like you would in an Audi..  ANY Audi.

It is like the following Camry theory:  Toyota makes one car, in a variety
of flavors.  There is Camry Lite: the Corolla; Regular Camry; Camry Plus:
the Toyota Avalon; Camry Lux: The ES300; Camry-on-Steroids: The GS400; and
Mega-Camry: The LS 400.  Same holds for Infiniti, Maybe an Altima theory?
Nothing original here, and if Audis are ANYTHING, they are original..

'92 100CSQ Avant
'89 Cabriolet