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Replacing Struts: Need Help..More

To:   quattro

>From the 20v page:

""Make sure you replace the upper strut bearings during installation.
  Use OEM bearings only! Aftermarket ones won't last.""

What is this actually called in the parts bin?


To:   audi-20v
Hi Folks,
     I'm hoping to get the new Bilstein HDs in this weekend and will be
replacing the "strut top bearings."
Exactly what is it that I'm replacing?  Clair Parts Express just faxed me
what appears to be a copy of the fiche.
My choice of parts in the area in question are:
893 412 113    Spring Seat
811 412 365     Threaded Bushing
8?0 412 323 B   Retainer
811 412 319     Stop
I am getting some noise in the tower now, so I'm not sure what I'll find
and won't be in much of a position to go shopping once the car is
apart...what should I get to be on the safe side?
Thanks In Advance,