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More brake questions

I hope this is the last brake question I have. If I were to make a panic
stop from say, 100 (I'm not saying I did last night), what would happen to
the brake fluid? Would it necessarily boil? If it does boil, would there
be air or gas pockets that develop in the lines? I (may have) braked last
night to get a light. Not an emergency, but some spirited driving. Got
some fade towards the end, but plenty of brakes still left. Got only
slightly soft. That's it. I figured that there weren't any left, so I put
more pressure down. To my surprise, there was a *lot* left. I stopped in
time at the light to make the right turn. These over made Euro brakes are
great. I always new that they were, but not this much. Magazine reviews
always seem to like to say there was fade making like it'll happen in all
situations, but this was a severe and I've braked from higher speeds (I
allowed more ditance, though) without problems. Anyway, my questions are
up top. BTW: In regard to the answers for above, would it make a diff to
use Super Blue or something with a higher wet boil point? I use dot 4. The
stuff is as clear as water, so assume that there is very little dirt or
water in my system.

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