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RE: Stalking the Elusive Quattro

> Didn't the 91 200q have a grille badge?
> harrison
> Rob Winchell wrote:
> > >> Here's a question or four I haven't seen posted to the list.  Over the
> > >> years have all factory Quattro models sported quattro (or S) badges on
> > >> their grills?  What about trunk lid badges?  Was (is) there a delete
> > >> badge option like M-B and BMW have?  Which models had quattro
> > > written into the rear window defroster wire?
> >
> > >The only quattro I know of without the model name or quattro badges were
> > >the 90-92 V8 quattros.
> >
> > ...and the 1991 200 Quattro. No badges, but had "Quattro" in the back
> > window.
> >
> > - Rob

Whee! Here we go. As always, YMMV depending on what the factory slapped 
together that day. My 91-200-q has rings and "quattro" badges, front and rear 
(rear quattro is pretty small, see pictures), w/defroster writing. Other people 
report just rings in back. Then I saw a nice burgundy one in West Yellowstone 
earlier this winter (Montana plates "BUY ART") with old-style "Audi 200" on one 
side of the trunklid and "quattro" on the other (just like the one in the James 
Bond movie, wait that's a different thread). Flared fenders, side blinkers, and 
he had the armrest-phone too, musta been a 91. Spotted a black 91 in Driggs as 
I was going skiing one day, Wyoming plates but that's all I had time to scope 
on the way by. The V8 in town probably has rings fore and aft, quattro only in 
grille (maybe window, it was dark). The S4 I saw yesterday with local plates 
had, I think, just the rings and sport badges fore and aft, again, no window 

Do S4s have quattro in the window?

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 86k, more badges than some but not so many as others
1988 GTI 16v, 174k, stealthy badges - grill GTI-16v was delete-optioned by 
crash of PO, now has front VW in grill (all black), rear VW is painted red 
after delinquent made off with the silver one, original rear GTI-16v