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RE: 875000QS Good but need help to make perfect!

> Kevin O'Brien, on Monday, March 16, 1998 8:38 PM, you wrote;
	>Another Question is what is operating temp on the gauge. While
	>highway the gauge barely comes to life around town it comes up
maybe >a sixth of the range if that. When stopped the temp will rise.

	When operating properly (it isn't at the moment; we may have
similar problems), mine runs about 1/4 of the guage.  How high does temp
go?  Does the fan run at all?  Does the high speed fan come on (sounds
like a turbine jet engine) when the car is hot?  If the temp gets like
half way, the high speed fan should come on.  BTW, this is bad if high
speed comes on alot 'cause there is no fuse for the high speed.  I would
suggest starting at the Thermo Fan Switch and Thermostat.  Until I can
replace the Thermo Fan Switch (this week I hope), I've been running the
low ac.  It turns on the fan, keeping the water cool (1/4 of the guage)
around town.
	Good Luck,
	86 5kcst 5sp