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RE: Christian's getting married

	I hate to get into this, but...   I got married about a year
ago.  I Haven't 
	driven anything I liked since I was 20 (now 35).  I told  my new
wife I was 
	sick of my (I'm cringing) 1995 Ford Aspire (no S#&*).  She says,
	don't you buy another car you like more"?  OK.  A month or so
	by, it's near my birthday, I find a clean 86 5000 cs Turbo 5
speed.  Tell 
	her I can't live without it.  She BUYS it for my birthday (from
her own 
	account).  So, in conclusion, Christian, as soon as you're
married, see if 
	she'll buy you an S4, RS2, etc.

	>OK, OK, keep it coming guys, i deserve it.
	Of course you do.  Remember, new car coming soon.

	Good Luck,
	86 5kcst 5sp