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Huw's little adventure and qlist preparedness...

Last night I got to take a little jaunt into the North Country, was
supposed to be North Conway but I managed to do an extra 20 miles into
Crawford Notch (everyone here started out with bad directions) - which
was a blast to undo - mountain twisties at 85 mph.  So then the drive
home today, light traffic, doing a lot of 75-85 mph stuff (totally
against my religion!) and finally a state cop and I experienced a mutual
sighting.  Luckily I was only doing 65ish at this point.  Well, I saw
him pull over in my rear view, so I locked on to 58 mph and waited for
him to catch up.

"Where's your front license plate?"
"um, in the garage - I have a holder on order at the dealer..."
"Well, get it on there soon, it's the law you know"
"Yes sir, thank you sir, right away sir!"

I heard it here first.  So nice to be prepared for any eventuality.

PS did I forget to jump in and mention what grrreat cars Coupes are?

Huw Powell

(Huw finally pollutes the web with pictures...)

'82 Audi Coupe "OO oooo OO"