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Re: Battery (also: fitting an Optima in a 4k)

Thanks for the lesson on new battery technologies, Paul!

And now that I've gone and gotten a couple of people excited about
having 1000CCA's in their 4kq, let throw a couple of caveats out:

The Optima is NOT a direct replacement for your standard battery.  It is
taller and and not as long.  

Therefore, you _can_ make the Optima fit, but you will be stretching
your negative ground cable within an inch of it's life.  And we all know
that 15 year old ground cables _never_ break!  <grin>

If you want to install one of the Optima batteries, plan on spending the
extra couple of bux to install a new, longer grounding cable.

And I did mention that it's taller; it will fit under the hood, but the
$0.79 invested in the battery terminal covers are cheap insurance
against your Uncle Bubba deciding to sit on the hood directly over the
battery.  (Don't laugh, I've seen it happen!)  ;-)



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