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5kcsT cold start problem

Hello everyone-

 Well, after 4 months of almost trouble-free ownership
my Audi starts developing a small problem.Here is the deal.
When I try to start engine in the morning and  outside 
temperature is in low 30s or less, it starts right away, but 
runs at very low (300-400) RPMs and then dies in few seconds. 
I have to push the gas pedal slightly to keep it running. After 
approximately 1 min I can turn the engine off and start it again,
then it idles fine. It starts fine when warm and hot,and car 
runs great overwise. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced
this problem or have any idea what's wrong. 

 The another question, I've never seen more then 1.3 bar boost
pressure,even if I push the car really hard.Is this normal for
stock 5kcsT?
             Thanks in advance

'86 5kcsT 5-spd, 137K miles