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RE: XENON, K&N, and shocks

Yes, on my parents Volvo 940 Turbo, and their Volvo 850, I bought them
those bulbs for Christmas...  they are sweet, granted they don't look quite
like the Lincoln MarkVIII, they still are different and people look at you
funny because they are different.  I would recommend putting them on newer
cars that have the clear glass lenses, not the regular ones, but they both
have the same lighting effect...  In fact i am putting some on my Audi.  I
am also getting the windows tinted limo black because the black paint is n
mint condition...  If any of you want info on the lights E-Mail me and i'll
get the info to ya, i'll scan the page of info and attach it to your email.
 Also are 5spd's rare in my car???  I don't think so, but people say they

At 06:02 PM 3/17/98 +0100, Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:
>The original xenon headlights used on high-end Audis, BMWs and MBs
>operate on different principle than ordinary bulbs. There's a high
>voltage generator that creates a discharge in the neutral gas (in this
>case xenon, as the name implies). This is why they are something called
>HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights. They are very expensive, I think
>PIAA offers HID driving lights for well over $1000. The bulbs you are
>speaking about are simply made to just look like the HID lamps (I think
>it's a matter of coating)
>Aleksander Mierzwa
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