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Re: Which Tires

I use d60's. My opinion of them is progressively going from good to they
suck. They really do. I hate seeing after a couple of months of driving
that the across channels on the center are gone and soon after the rest
is. May be because I'm running 2.0 bar...
Try Continentals. Good prices,pretty good tires IMO.

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On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Huw Powell wrote:

> > >I am thinking about the DunlopD60.  Has anyone had any experience
> > >with these.  I will be using these tires all year. These tires seem very
> > >affordable @ $48 each.
> > 
> > >They are "OK" tires, decent in dry, rain and snow, outstanding in
> > >nothing.
> > 
> > Can't complain for the price.
> I agree.  Innocuous tires.  No raves, but decent and cheap.  My favorite
> ever cheap tire (the only kind I can use...) has become hard to obtain -
> the Falken F06C.  Big chunky tread, great on dry, rain, snow, looks
> sexy, etc. etc.
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