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Re: Fwd: Re: Smelly cats

I've had great luck with Chevron, havne't used anything else.  My
parents used Gulf (no longer available, no wonder) for a while in their
4000, got clogged injectors.  When they started using Chevron in about
'87 they had no problems either.
For a short while I had some sulfurous stench with the Chevron but it
went away shortly after the station in my neighborhood got new tanks.

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Sachelle Babbar wrote:
> I switched to Amoco and have had NO problems with my fueling since. I had
> the infamous 1.3 bar bog that went away shortly after I started using
> Amoco. Hasn't returned since. Once in a while, Ill use Mobil (I have a
> speedpass) and will notice a slight difference towards the worse. Point
> being, my car is very sensitive to gas and quality. I have no problems
> with Amoco, so why not and try it.
> My gas choices:
> 1. Amoco
> 2. Texaco/Exxon
> What I advise against:
> 1. Mobil
> 2. Merit (a  *CHEAP* company in NY. Might as well pump water in to your
> tank)
> 3. BP (same as Mobil)
> You could always try 100 octane Cam 2... 8-)
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> On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Sandy Duffy wrote:
> > Eliot said:
> > >Try switching brands of gas; some brands have a higher sulfur content
> > >than others and that can cause some awful smells, generally when you
> > >come to a stop after driving.
> >
> >
> > OK....I've got a similar problem 95 A6Q 5 5 speed smells like bad food.  I
> > have been told to find other gasoline as well (seems to be the stock
> > answer)  So listers....Which brand(s) has(have) less sulfur?  Any BTDT?
> >
> > Catalytic converter:  Device that converts noxious gases into acid
> > rain...just add water.  Grrrr
> >
> > Sandy
> >