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Re: Unlimited boost

At 09:28 AM 3/17/98 -0500, you wrote:
>In all my years of working on cars I must admit I never thought I'd hear
>my self say "it goes too fast".......   But the boost gauge on my 87
>5KCSTQ always used to go up to 1.2.  Now all of a sudden it goes right up
>to where the fuel pump cut off kicks in and kills it.  I saw 1.8 but only
>for a second.  It pulls like the proverbial freight train.  I've been
>driving it around using the throttle judiciously.  I checked all of the
>vacuum/pressure hoses and could find no leaks.  I am unclear as to how
>the wastegate frequency valve is supposed to work but it does read the
>kind of signal I would expect to get across a frequency valve.  Is it
>supposed to click/ whirr like a an idle air compensator ie. all the time?
> Could a faulty wastegate frequency valve cause this symptom?  Or should
>I just take the wastegate apart?  The only wastegate I ever saw hang up
>stuck open and I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it would
>stick closed.  Anybody got any good suggestions before I go have at it
>with the Snap-Ons? 

check lower hose to wastegate.

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