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3B rear seal

OK, so it's an obscure topic and unconnected to any recent thread, but I
know there are guys out there in the midst of major engine mods:  In filling
my shopping list for my 3B re-freshening, I've discovered that the part no.
for the rear engine seal 068 103 151 G, superceded by 068 103 051A, has now
been superceded by an entire rear flange assembly, 068 103 171 F.  Clair
quoted $68, and said that now the seal isn't available from Audi seperately.
I thought this was worth passing on since this seal has apparently been a
trouble spot:  Ned Ritchie devotes some space to it on his site as tech tip
#7, and I've heard listers issue dire warnings relating to  proper oiling of
replacement seals prior to installation.

Also interesting, why are the four nuts 046 145 749, which attach the turbo
to the EM, $10 each?!?  What are those babies made of?  And no I'm not going
so far as to replace them...

Brandon Hull
'91 CQ + 3B kit