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Race tires on the street (was RE: P-700's Suck? B.S. !! Here's why.)

John Karasaki <johkar@teleport.com> said:
>Yokohama A032R.  These are DOT approved track tires.  Suppose to be good in
>rain and about the stickiest you can get (comp. to Hoosier and BFG R1) in a
>DOT tire.

I used to run Bridgestone RE-71Rs on my 88 5ksq on the street. That's is
the old R compound tire they quit making about 4 or so years ago. Rated
at 5000 miles, I got well over 7.5k with some autoxs thrown in. A race
on hot Texas asphalt chunked the front left. 

Those tires were great... sold me on a set of street RE-71s.

I used the rain verson of the RE-71 as street tires for the MG. Rated at
15k... These look alot like the A032Rs with the huge tread.

The only problem was the debris that the tires threw up on the car,
sandblasting the areas directly behind the wheelwell.

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8Tq w/ RE71s and a set of a008s for real action.