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re: tires, P700s et al

i bought a set of P700s for my corrado.  tire rack had them cheap, $68
or so i think.  fantastic tire.  i don't use them in the snow though.
got 210 snows for that.

i have P7000s on my v8.  no apologies for anything.  wears well, grips
well, quiet, comfy.. ok turn in response is not as sharp as i like but
then it is also less affected by longitudinal grooves.  quite pricey for
an "all-season" though, but it is a truly excellent "compromise" tire. 

i have Pzeros on my porker.  wears fast but very very grippy.  not 
as sharp as i'd like so i'd probably switch to something else when
they go.

it is quite ridiculous to make sweeping generalizations about tire
brands.  those bridgestones on my miata sucks big time but i wouldn't
dream of extrapolating that to the entire brand.

michelin made a nasty tire called the MXV that lasted a long time but
was as grippy as an oil slick in the rain. many michelins of that
era had horrible wet grip.

the best advice one could give about tires is to buy the latest models. 
tires are like computer chips.  the latest ones are almost always better
than the models that they replace.  sticking with the same make/model
of tire for year after year is almost certainly a losing proposition.