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RE: Stalking the Elusive Quattro

Henry Harper wrote:

> Do S4s have quattro in the window?

My friend's '92 S4 had (it was totaled by a red-light running Olds
recently...a moment of silence) "quattro" in the rear window defroster.  My
'93 S4 does not.  As for badges, his S4 badge was on the passenger side of
the trunk lid, while mine is on the driver's side.  Neither has a "quattro"
badge on the trunk.  I have noticed other '93s, though (and '94s) with the
S4 badge on the driver's side and "quattro" on the passenger side of the

- Marc N.
avid reader, hoping to eventually have more input to the list...
'93 S4
'85 Urq