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St. Paddy's Day (17th March)

I think I'm a little late for you George, but I'm lifting one for you

We have such things as green ale here on this momentous occasion.
Lot's of lads stumbling around lookin' like leprechauns.  My family
comes from the old County Antrim.  Got out of there after the first WW.
Good thing George.  They moved to Canada and set up in British
Columbia.  And no, I don't think they were loyalists, just lookin' to
set up where people were not at each other all the time.

'nuf of that Sir.  Here's one for you.  Not to many of us George's
left.  And thanks again for the pic of  Phil P.  I know you took some
heat for it, but I would have posted an ugly mug like that too.


George Mills in Halifax, NS. where things are just startin' to...No, no,
I gotta work tomorrow...let go of my arm Sir...okay just one tho'...

BTW, ever heard of Dennis Ryan?  Likes to sing them Irish songs.  Nice
voice when he was younger.  Look Out!  Think I see a glass coming my
way...through the air...